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Miami, Floride, √Čtats-Unis

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James r peterson newport news va - james peterson newport news va has a long experience in basketball he will advice you :

Basketball is played with a ball that weighs between 600 and 650 grams. Its diameter is 24 cm, making it the biggest ball team sports. The basket is 3.05 meters tall. It should preferably be great for the sport. You often find players over 2 meters. James r peterson newport news va - james peterson newport news va says that Basketball shoes must take to prevent ankle sprains when they jump . Players wear shorts and a tank top in the same color for a team with a front and back number and team logo .

Here are five rules that Naismith proposed in 1891 :

Principle 1: The ball is spherical , large and small , and will be played with the hands , usually indoors .
Principle 2: Any player can be placed at any location on the ground ( to differentiate it from American football)
Principle 3 : There will be no running hand ball (due to the smallness of the field ... but also to avoid missing Rule 4 and also to safeguard equal opportunities between attackers and defenders ) .
Principle 4 : The teams will play together on the field, but any contact between players will be banned ( search for body control and educational way).
Principle 5: the goal is high , horizontal and small, so that it appeals more to address that power.

The player must also have a good relaxation due to the height of the basket ( 3m05 ) . James r peterson newport news va - james peterson newport news va says that The basketball is not only restricted to men because women also practice .
In the United States , three groups working in basketball :

NBA : National Basketball Association
CBA: Continental Basketball Association
NCAA : National College Atletic Association
In the U.S., there are 29 men's teams of professionals:

Miami, New York Knick , Philadelphia, Orlando , Boston, New Jersey, Washington , Indiana, Toronto Raptors , Milwaukee, Cleveland , Atlanta , Chicago ( Bulls ) , Utah, San Antonio , Minnesota , Dallas , Denver, Houston, Vancouver , Charlotte, LA Lakers , Portland, Phoenix , Seattle, Sacramento Kings , Golden Gate, LA Clippers .

Each team logo. For two years, this is Sacramento who has the most points / points against .
In the United States the most popular sports are football and basketball , they are high profile . In the U.S., the basketball game is spectacular , as American football, each team has the " cheerleaders " .


Basketball is played by two teams of five players who play with a ball. The goal is to put as many points by scoring baskets.
A game consists of four 10-minute periods called quarter. The timer is stopped every time the whistle of the referee.
The game begins with a between.


The player in possession of the ball must dribble. The walk is the action of player who makes more than two steps without dribbling . Recovery dribbling is prohibited. Similarly, the player must always keep his hand over the ball if the referee blows a worn ball.

OUT OF PLAY , etc.

The ball is out of play when it is outside the lines of the field. The ball is put back into play with a key. Once crossed the center line , the ball can not board the line in the other direction if it is a backcourt .


There is no pushing , kicking , to keep the jersey or dropping his opponent if the referee blows the whistle a foul . When the striker hits the defender he commits a forced passage .
A player must not make more than 5 personal fouls if he is excluded and replaced by another player. Each quarter, if a team total of four faults, the opposing team will automatically throws when a foul is committed.


When a foul is committed during a shot , the player shoots free throws. When a shoot , players can get the rebound when the shot is missed . The defender can recover the ball without making a mistake, it's an interception. The pass is called critical when the player scores a basket without dribbling .


Any player can be placed anywhere on the field , however, an attacker with or without the ball can not stay more than 3 seconds in the paint or restricted area . Attackers have 8 seconds to cross the midline. Once this line is crossed , the attackers have 24 seconds to attempt a shot . To make a throw , the player has 5 seconds to pass the ball to an unmarked partner.


The value of the basket in general is 2 points. But it can be 3 when a shot is taken behind the line of 6m75 . When a foul on a shot, free throws are awarded. Each successful throw is worth one point .

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