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Bethlehem, NH, USA

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A therapeutic treatment to transitional living program for women between the ages of 17 and 24, Sovereign Journey helps young women to achieve personal independence and discover a true sense of self. This in turn allows them to find new opportunities and more effectively pursue what they truly want out of life. The Sovereign Journey program, overseen by founder Dr. Karen E Fitzhugh, focuses heavily on the individual paths of the women involved and furnishes personal guidance. The program uses a variety of evidence based treatments including multiple therapeutic environments and creative arts, to help these young women.

One major form of assistance Sovereign Journey provides is educational. For young women who have not yet graduated from high school, the organization will collaborate with clients to help them find a path to a diploma. For those who have finished high school, the organization leverages its resources to provide personal instruction, self-directed study halls, and small class settings, working toward its goal of personalized, focused education plans for all clients.

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Sovereign Journey
PO Box 216
Bethlehem, 03574
United States
work 603-869-7318
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