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Pharmacie Hannouche


Montreal, QC, Canada

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Located in Montreal, Pharmacie Hannouche provides customers with a variety of medical services from a trained staff. Its team of pharmacists, including Mario Hannouche, advises on proper usage of medication and things to avoid, such as sharing and ingesting alcohol with the pharmaceuticals. Clients can inform pharmacists such as Mario Hannouche about their allergies, medications they are presently on, and medical conditions in order to receive the most comprehensive health care guidance. Moreover, Clnique Medicale Belanger employs three floors of doctors and registered nurses for emergency and by-appointment visits. Procedures they perform range from diabetic foot examinations and blood pressure tests to cholesterol checks and vaccinations.

Opened six days a week, Pharmacie Hannouche and its professionals offer a number of services covered by the Quebec health insurance plan and private insurance. Non-covered methods, such as blood sugar therapy and anticoagulotherapy follow-ups, are also available for a cost. For more information about how this group can contribute to one's medical needs, visit

Customers of Pharmacie Hannouche can obtain their medications in several ways. They can automatically order pharmaceuticals over the phone by calling (514) 722-1108 or online at The pharmacy charges prescriptions directly to CSST or SAAQ without requiring the client to fill out an invoice. It also accepts Visa and MasterCard.

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Pharmacie Hannouche
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