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Sanjay Vijay Manjrekar(born 12 July 1965 in Mangalore, Karnataka state) is an Indian cricketer. He has a batting average of 37.14 in his 37 Tests between 1987/88 and 1996/97, as opposed to an overall first-class average of 55. He is the son of Vijay Manjrekar. Manjrekar's best performances were against Pakistan, against whom he had a Test average of 94 and two Test centuries. He made his double-century against Pakistan in Lahore.

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Sanjay Manjrekar C/O CRICKET CENTRE
Wankhede Stadium, 'D' Road, Churchgate
Mumbai, 400 020
work Phone : 022 - 2289 8800 Fax : 022 - 2289 8801
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