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Headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, HEI Resources serves as a facilitator of joint ventures in the energy sector. The company has long concentrated its efforts on assisting partners in accessing prospects for developing oil and gas operations; in recent years, it has begun to offer similar services in respect to the precious and base metals mining industries. HEI Resources leverages its extensive network of professional contacts in its field to research and draw up proposals for new ventures. Individuals and companies can then choose to opt in as partners or turn down the proposal. HEI Resources goes on to provide assistance in the management of each accepted venture, with the partners fully in charge of all major decision making going forward.

HEI Resources performs its own due diligence as it strives to offer high-quality, well-researched, and economically viable proposals to a sophisticated base of new and established partners. The company also provides partners with access to its list of contacts in geophysics and engineering so that they can obtain additional professional opinions before moving ahead. HEI Resources informs partners about the inherent risks and challenges associated with any energy development operation.

Charles Reed Cagle, President and Chief Executive Officer of HEI Resources, established the company in 1997. Since that time, the firm has been instrumental in putting together numerous economically successful and environmentally appropriate ventures in North and South America. In particular, joint ventures facilitated by the company have established operations in Louisiana’s Acadia Parish, in several regions of Colorado, and in the Atacama Region of Chile.

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HEI Resources
523 South Cascade Avenue, Suite D
Colorado Springs, CO, 80903
United States
work 800-707-0455
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