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Puregreen International LLC


Petersburg, VA, USA

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Puregreen International LLC, parent company of Vapor Clean, operates a 19,000-square foot service center in the Richmond-Petersburg metropolitan area of Southeastern Virginia. The Vapor Clean line of 11 different steam vapor machines, which are imported directly from Italy and China, are ideal for residential or commercial use. These top-quality machines are distributed by Puregreen International LLC and offer customers numerous features, reliability, and affordability.

A member of the Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association, Puregreen International LLC is proud to provide customers with the superior design of Vapor Clean machines. With both single boiler and continuous fill models available, these well-crafted steam cleaning machines include modern components such as digital displays, high-tech circuit boards, and cylindrical boilers designed to improve efficiency and safety. Vapor Clean models come with an array of useful accessories, including intensifier pads that can be used to exterminate pests, a window squeegee attachment, a clothing brush attachment that allows for the steam cleaning of garments, a plumber's helper that acts as a plunger for unclogging sinks and toilets, and a variety of brushes for varying uses. Puregreen International LLC also provides customers with a carrying bag or a wheeled cart for easy transportation of their Vapor Clean product.

In addition to offering a one-year parts and labor warranty on all products, as well as an optional extended warranty, Puregreen International LLC will never misrepresent returned or repackaged equipment as being brand new. Most products are sold within 30 to 90 days of the original manufacture date. Factory-direct shipping from the company warehouse allows Puregreen International LLC to retain competitive pricing. Many Vapor Clean products are safety certified beyond standard requirements.

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Puregreen International LLC
1781 Anchor Ave.
Petersburg, 23803
United States
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