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One of the preeminent loan and finance service providers in the U.K., offers advanced loan sourcing technology that allows clients to search and apply for loans from various providers instantaneously.’s partnerships with numerous financial institutions result in a large database of potential lenders, making it possible for clients with all types of credit to find loan options.

Providing detailed descriptions of various types of loans online, focuses on its clients’ interests, giving them the opportunity to learn about the options before selecting one. offers everything from guarantor loans, in which a client with little or no credit history uses a friend or family member with good credit to guarantee the loan, to payday loans, which are £100 to £1,200 loans lent before payday and repaid directly after the client is paid.

Remaining apprised of the latest trends in the loan industry, also offers microloans and payday loans to provide its clients with the broadest possible array of options. Whereas’s microloans are small loans of less than £1,000 taken out over short periods, payday and short-term loans. can also connect clients with loans of up to £75,000.

In addition to loans, offers other services, including assistance with payment protection insurance (PPI) claims. Relying on’s Claims Angel, clients who take advantage of this service can receive compensation for PPI policies sold to them incorrectly by banks in the U.K. As many banks in the U.K. engaged in this practice, £10 billion pounds have been set aside to resolve such claims by and others.

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